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Our Mission is to guide clients in identifying and achieving their life goals by providing institutional quality, empirically backed investment solutions.

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Our Investment Philosophy

Intrinsic Value Investing


Natural human biases create market mispricings that can be systematically exploited


Asset Allocation is responsible for 90% of all risk/return of client portfolios


Extensive network of research sources drive

investment decisions


Taking Advantage of The Power of Compounding

Advisory Services


Customized, Rigorous and User Friendly


Portfolio Management

Global Approach Backed by Institutional and Empirical Research

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Institutional Experience

Our Founder, Scott Bondurant has over 25 years of experience in institutional asset management.  

Scott advised many highly regarded managers, including Alliance Capital, American Century Investments, Texas Teachers Pension.  At UBS Global Asset Management he managed over $2.5 billion in assets for investors, including The Alaska Permanent Fund,  Sweden AP7 Pension, and The Netherland TKP Pension

Kidder, Peabody & Co
Morgan Stanley
UBS Asset Management

Academic Rigor

Our Founder, Scott Bondurant earned a bachelors degree in History at Stanford University, MBA in Finance at Duke University and currently teaches "The History of  Investing" at Northwestern University.


Bondurant Investment Advisory

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