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Building a Financial Foundation

At Bondurant Investment Advisory, we take the time to flesh out our client’s goals and design a plan in line with their financial resources. Our holistic approach focuses on real-life plans and then leverages our financial planning software to make decisions. We value deep relationship's with our clients and deliver personalized advice that is in their best interest in line with our fiduciary responsibilities.


Goal Orientated Planning

Customized, Rigorous and User Friendly

Client Intake

Our team takes the time to identify your needs and goals. We aggregate your current financial situation and input this information into our propriety planning software. We work side by side with you to understand your situation and help design a robust, flexible financial plan. Our planning software provides you with an in-depth and personalized look at your financial situation using advanced planning techniques. 

Plan Construction

Our robust financial planning helps clients monitor goals and plan for major decisions, enhanced by what-if scenario analysis. We work with you to create custom financial plans, including; Retirement planning, Education and Charitable giving, planning for major life events, and planning for future generations.  Incomplete inputs or naive assumptions can cause inaccurate financial projections that cannot be relied upon. While the future is uncertain, we believe that rigorous planning builds justifiable confidence in your financial future.

Continuation Planning

We focus on taking a long-term approach to your plan. We believe that robust financial planning is essential to a credible financial plan. We are focused on having iterative discussions with you as life changes, requiring revisions in your financial plan.

Our approach to financial planning helps you identify and realize life goals while providing peace of mind.

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