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Portfolio Management

At Bondurant Investment Advisory, we construct an investment portfolio that will enable clients to meet their unique goals. We deliver practical investment solutions that optimize clients' asset allocation with a focus on minimizing fees and taxes. Our strategic asset allocation process allows for efficient diversification while maximizing risk/return of investment portfolios.

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Investment Approach

Customized, Research Driven Investment Process 

Portfolio Review

In our initial review, we evaluate your holdings and look for opportunities to enhance your portfolio while considering tax sensitivity. In our review of your investments, we will propose strategic changes that  minimize expenses, increase diversification, and optimize your portfolio in line with our Investment Philosophy. We embrace the legal fiduciary obligation to place your interests first in offering objective advice.

Investment Management

We use a strategic asset allocation process taking into consideration your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Through the use of exchange-traded funds, our security selection process provides substantial diversification by size, sector, geography, and other factors. In addition, our team customizes client portfolios to optimize risk/return using different investment vehicles and between tax-deferred and taxable accounts. We also incorporate a number of tax-minimizing strategies to maximize clients after-tax returns. 

Performance Measurement

We provide clients with ongoing updates including performance reports, portfolio attribution, and detailed aggregate portfolio analysis. Our portfolio attribution enables clients to measure their performance relative to multiple relevant benchmarks. We also provide clients with reports that summarize their individual accounts as well as the asset allocation of all accounts in aggregate. 

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